Best Treatment Options after Cruciate Ligament Rupture in Bern, Switzerland

A cruciate ligament tear is one of the common knee injuries that usually occur during sports that involve sudden changes in the direction of movement, rapid stopping, landing abnormally, etc. It can also happen during everyday activities. A diagnosis is made based on the symptoms and physical examinations. The most common symptoms of a cruciate ligament tear include functional instability of the knee joint, pain, swelling, etc. You may hear a cracking sound when the cruciate ligament tears.

There are plenty of options when it comes to treating cruciate ligament tears. The choice of treatment is dependent on a lot of factors such as which of the cruciate ligament is injured, the degree of the injury, etc. The right treatment can stabilize the knee joint. It can also relieve pain. Orthopedics Sonnenhof is a Bern knee specialist offering various treatment options for a cruciate ligament tear in Bern. Contact us directly to know about them in detail.

Conservative Treatment of the Cruciate Ligament Tear in Bern, Switzerland

At Orthopedics Sonnenhof, we provide conservative therapy after cruciate ligament rupture in Bern. The conservative treatment of the cruciate ligament tear helps optimally stabilize the muscular knee. It is the quickest and cheapest treatment option for a cruciate ligament injury. The basic requirements for this treatment include:

  • No instability on the other side

  • Not too high instability

  • No sports that require high knee stability

  • No additional injuries, etc.

Get in touch with us to know more about this treatment method.

The Cruciate Ligament Plastic after the Cruciate Ligament Rupture in Bern, Switzerland

Cruciate ligament plastic surgery is the process of restoring the knee joint stability by a tendon graft. In this treatment method, the patellar tendon, Quadriceps tendon, and Semitendinosus tendon are used as a graft to create stability. The basic requirements for the cruciate ligament plastic include:

  • Instability on the opposite side

  • High instability

  • Sports that require high knee stability

  • Rather young patients, etc.

Contact us directly to learn more about this treatment option for the cruciate ligament injury in Bern.

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Cruciate ligament surgery after ligament rupture using Ligamys in Bern, Switzerland

The dynamic intraligamentary stabilization helps maintain the sensitivity of the ligament and thus restore the knee’s muscular control. The Ligamys technique has many advantages. It offers fast care and rehabilitation. Also, there’s high patient satisfaction. The basic requirements for this treatment method include:

  • No instability on the other side

  • Younger patients

  • Fresh crack

  • Meniscus tear that needs to be sewn anyway, etc

Feel free to contact us to know more about the Ligamys technique after cruciate ligament rupture in Bern.

Other Knee Treatments That We Offer in Bern, Switzerland

In addition to treating the cruciate ligament tear in Bern, we also offer treatment for other knee problems. These include Meniscal tears, Cartilage damage, Knee osteoarthritis, Prosthetic knees, Knee prosthesis revisions, Kneecap problems, Patellar dislocations, etc. We offer 24-hour emergency service. Contact us today to schedule your appointment. 

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